What Make A Quality Seed


Quality Characteristics

The selection of the best planting material is basic to good crop production practices. The role of seedling is crucial for the advancement of agriculture. Good seeds have a high growing ability, can grow simultaneously, are of a good quality and always available as well. The use of good seeds is essential to promote the food security program and also develop agro-industries. Good seeds must be consistently used and its supply in the community should be guaranteed in both quality and continuity. In order to produce quality seed, a good drying is needed. Although the sun light is available abundantly, in the rainy season, a drying machine is still required to maintain the quality, quantity and continuity of good seeds to make great quality cbd e-liquid for pain relief.

Quality seed must be high in germination, relatively free from insect or mechanical damage, pure for the crop variety, and contain little or no inert matter or weed seeds. For maximum profit quality seed must be used in conjunction with good cultural practices, correct fertilizer rates, and adequate control of plant pests.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the seed type to plant in the crop production unit as follows:

1.       Fertilizer requirements on improved seed will be higher than for native lines.

2.       Save their own seed shall be the one saved from cropping season to next by the farmer.

Selecting Quality Potatoes Seeds


When purchasing potatoes to use for planting, it is best to buy from certified growers. Certified seed is certified disease free and true to variety. Using potatoes from the supermarket or any other non-certified source has a risk factor and is not recommended. Also potatoes from this source have often been treated to prevent sprouting. Starting with quality seed is the essence of a successful potato crop.


Regardless of your source of seed potato, check them thoroughly for quality before planting.

Your seed potatoes should be clean skinned without excessive blemishes, brown or soft spots. Splits, cracks, rough bumpy or warty looking. These are usually signs of one of the many potato diseases.

The obvious rotten ones should be the first to go. Often it is your sense of smell that will alert you to the not so obvious ones, because the rot usually starts from the inside these are sometime hard to detect until the rot is well advanced.

The cut in this potato has already started to rot and if planted will deteriorate very fast.


Cut a few open and check for signs of disease. One of the most common problems you will strike is potatoes with dry, reddish brown rot in the flesh which is caused by late blight.


These potatoes are well “greened” but are shriveling due to both low humidity and being left too long before planting. A few of these in your planting wont matter much, but if too big a percentage of your seed is shriveled the total yield will be lower than with better quality seed.

Selecting Quality Cannabis Seeds

When selecting the best marijuana seeds you should know what type of marijuana you wish to grow.  Are you growing for medical reasons, are you a commercial grower or are you a leisure smoker who’s really into their connoisseur strains?  Do you have a lot of space, live in a good climate, or do you just have a closet?  These are the questions you should ask yourself if you’re going to pick the right strain to grow.

weed-seeds1There are many different types ofstrains available that suit every toker’s tastes.  Be sure to pick a strain that can grow in the climate you’re going to provide it.  Know its growth characteristics and the expected amount of time it will take to grow from seed into smokeable bud.  Use our strain guide to help you choose a suitable strain.

Good cannabis seeds will be hard and dark brown with spots or mottling.  Depending on the strain, the size will vary as Indica strains tend to produce large seeds with what looks like tiger stripes, and Sativa cannabis seeds tend to be smaller, with little markings on the seed casing.  Avoid using pale, green, cracked or weak cannabis seeds as these are unlikely to germinate or will produce weak plants.  Remember, good looking seeds produce good looking buds.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds and CBD VAPE

Normally, if you were to buy regular seeds, around 50% would turn out to be male and the other 50% would produce female plants, creating a better alternative if one is to create CBD Isolates and to make CBD Oils and CBD vape with. 

Buying feminized seeds increases your chances of growing a female plant from 50% to 95%, also increasing you CBD potencey hence the increase in demand for UK made cbd e liquids & cbd vape oil juice from £3.99 from websites .  Although a feminized seed will never grow a male plant, poor growing conditions and genetics make some strains susceptible to growing as hermaphrodites.

What Genetic Types are Available?

All marijuana plants are variations of the Cannabis Sativa plant, including; Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis.  Due to years of cultivation, it is very rare to get a pure version of any of these types, with most being hybrids which have a dominant genetic type.

Below is a brief summary of each strain and their key characteristics.

– Sativa – Sativa plants grow tall and thin, take longer to mature, and tend to produce bigger yields than Indica plants.  The high is cerebral and energetic.
– Indica – Indica plants grow short and bushy, mature earlier than sativas producing sticky and resinous buds.  The buzz is more of a body stone that can lead to couch lock.
– Ruderalis/Auto-flower – Autos tend to be extremely short so are ideal for people lacking grow space.  They can receive light 24 hours a day when flowering and mature very quickly.  A pure Ruderalis strain lacks potency so they are normally crossed with other, more potent strains to retain THC levels.
– Hybrid – Hybrids are the most common type, made up of two or more of the above with most hybrid strains having an Indica or Sativa dominance.  Ruderalis hybrids are crossed to make fast maturing plants with a high potency




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